YES! The rains are finally here! So good to hear the pitter-patter on the roof and see the thirsty earth soaking up that life-giving nourishment. What a blessing to ease the fire danger and let us all breathe a little easier. 

I saw this colorful beauty downtown just yesterday…

Welp, things are a little slower around the Grange in December

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, but we do want to remind everybody of a couple things. 

First of all, the GRANGE HOLIDAY POTLUCK is happening on the 13th (show up around 6p; we’ll eat around 6:30p), in lieu of the regular General Membership Meeting. Here’s our esteemed President Lynn Mello’s email about that:


There is no regular Grange membership meeting on the second Friday of the month in December as usual. Instead, the Aromas Grange in partnership with Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) is celebrating the spirit of the season by having a holiday party pot luck! You and your family are invited to share in a fantastic feast and afterwards, a gift wrapping extravaganza for NHN’s community Adopt-a-Family program, in which gifts and food for are purchased for those in need. 

For this festive gathering at our beloved Aromas Grange hall, we need 4 turkeys cooked and a few hams too.  We are looking for members to cook ‘em up at home and bring ‘em down on the 13th of December to be consumed around 6:00pm. We will also need a few members to provide vegetarian options. For the rest, we are relying on members to bring mashed potatoes, yams, salads, cranberry dressing, stuffing, desserts and drinks (preferably not soda so as to avoid diabetic comas and baby teeth root canals. You know me, nurse, health nut.)

We have some foods already committed…Here’s what we still need:

lots of gravy drippings for gravy making at the hall kitchen 
2 cooked hams
3 big pots of mashed potatoes
3 vegan entrees
6 people to set up the hall
10 people to break down and close the hall.

The rest will be the luck of the pot!

Please email Jenya with any questions or to commit to those aforementioned larger items.  The Aromas Grange will purchase or reimburse the turkeys and hams if you’ll cook ‘em. (Prepare to save and submit your receipts after Jenya confirms with you by email to proceed. We don’t want too many turkeys and hams, we had lots leftover last year.) 

I look forward to celebrating the holiday season with you all over a meal, a wrap and a song.

Musicians, don’t forget your instruments!

Just as a reminder, there is no Grange Breakfast in December, but we’ll be back on January 26th.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors continues their Good Works with Free Fruits and Vegetables Distribution on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month (the 3rd and 17th of December) from 5-6pm. You don’t have to prove need, but do bring your own bags, please!

Also, the Senior Lunch happens on December 4th. Show up at 11:30am for a little social time before lunch at noon. 


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