Dynamic Pilates

During this class you will work through all planes of movement to condition every muscle of your body with this challenging, fast-paced but control series of exercises. Build strength, stability and mobility from head to toe with this repertoire. You will build support inside out. Within few sessions your strength and endurance will improve due to working on your powerhouse and you will notice difference in how you feel and look.


Brothers and sisters of the Grange, I'm excited to tell you that the Special Member meeting to be held Friday, March 24th at 7pm is definitely on!   Bob Bacigal and Stephen Johnson will be presenting computer generated graphic renderings of our improved outdoor space.     This is everyone's opportunity to see our ideas come to life and to share their thoughts and opinions about the overall vision and the actual layout all the way down to what type of pavers we may choose to use.   Come see,  actually SEE, the layout.  So what's all involved?        1. Terracing to create usable level space.      2. a modest gathering space with a cantilevered shade structure.      3. ADA compliant access through a winding garden path.      4. relayout of the parking area so it can take less space and accommodate the same amount of cars.   So come join us and get involved!   Matthew Aromas Grange President