As your Chaplain, I felt it was needful to recognize that we come from many spiritual backgrounds from the bedrock of Atheism, through the variations of Christianity, Judaism, Paganism

Koupit Lasix v Praze

, and many other paths.  Therefore, I felt it was needful to recraft our traditional prayer we use during opening our membership meetings

to a more inclusive, and I feel, empowering version.  I hope you all come to understand it and adopt it as we move forward together.  


I ask each of you to look to your inspiring Spirits, to the Creation of your Self in Body and in Spirit and of the Earth, our home.  

We give thanks that we are given this opportunity to gather in pursuit of our steadfast purpose.

We seek patience and wisdom in our counsels as a body so that our works are good and seed peace in our hearts.  

May our labors be blessed with a liberal harvest and may we remember:

In essentials, Unity.

In non-essentials, Liberty.

And in all things, Charity