Ongoing Events

Our beautiful, historic Grange Hall is located at 361 Rose Ave in Aromas.

To Rent the hall, please call our rental coordinator at 831-319-4882

Part of what makes the Grange so special is the community that is created in this gorgeous old building. People coming together to share good times with each other, to learn and grow with each other. We do that in many ways. 

We host Tai Chi and Yoga classes to promote health and harmony. 

We host meetings for all our non-profit partners to help them do their good work in the world. 

We host workdays and picnics so we can maintain and celebrate our excellent Hall. 

Not to mention the concerts, classes, and public service events! 

The Grange Hall is truly the bustling center of our sweet little town. 

Come see us!

Upcoming Grange Events: