New Adult Membership

1 year adult membership that includes voting rights.


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The Aromas Grange Oath: 

 Please read the Aromas Grange Oath, and check the box above to indicate you agree to the statements below:

 I agree to the following:

            To encourage, empower, guide and support fellow members,

            To be honest, share, treat others with respect and compassion and expect the same from them,

            To give generously of my time and talents, and provide support and respond to meet the community’s needs,

            To encourage the sustainable availability of wholesome nutritious food,

            To show responsibility to our environment, locally and beyond,

            To conform to and abide by the by-laws of my state and national Granges, their constitutions, rules and   

                   regulations of the Grange at all levels.

            To pay my annual dues in a timely manner.

In presenting this application, I am influenced by no motive other than a desire to unite with others in elevating and advancing the interest of my community through the principles of the Grange and receiving in return such benefits and advantages as may accrue to all who belong to the Grange.  I promise a faithful compliance with the by-laws of this Grange and the constitution and by-lays of the State and National Grange.  I have not previously applied for membership in this or any other Grange within the last 6 months.

In an effort to streamline our procedures, we encourage you to volunteer at any time for a task or event.  Your participation is very important to us and we appreciate your involvement however you chose.  We have a variety of tasks/events (breakfast, concerts, workdays , cashiering, gardening, computer/website ~ something for everyone.)  We send out and post e-mails when volunteer opportunities arise.  You are always welcome!